The Drive is a socially distanced drive-in entertainment venue set on the midway of the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds


The Drive offers outdoor fun in a safe environment.

Beginning with a touch-free ticketing system, your health and safety are considered in every step of The Drive experience.

Large parking places allow for room to enjoy the movie – much more space than your average drive-in. Set up camp in a large, distanced parking space and enjoy the movie.

Huge, 40ft by 25ft movie screens and cinema quality projectors combine for an excellent viewing experience. Crisp, FM audio will be transmitted directly to car radios or FM radio devices. The Drive is a one-of-a-kind experience!

HD Video Projection

Drive-in Concessions

Lots of Space

Beer and Wine Available

High quality digital video and FM audio sent to your car radio.

Fairgrounds food & beverages, including hot, fresh popcorn.

Each parking spot is huge and spaced at least six feet from your neighbor.

Adult beverages available at The Drive... but not for drivers.


  • Absolutely no outside food and beverages allowed inside the venue. 

  • Fairgrounds speed limit is 5 mph

  • No weapons, drugs or illegal substances, as prohibited by fairgrounds policies. No laser pointers.

  • The Winston-Salem Fairgrounds is a no smoking facility

  • No littering. Please use trash cans located near each parking space.

  • No re-entry

  • No pets

  • Movies play rain or stars – windshield wipers may be required. In case of dangerous weather that requires the venue to be evacuated or a power outage, rain checks will be offered.

  • Parking in designated parking places only, as directed by parking attendants. Moving cars after being parked is not allowed. ONE vehicle per parking space only.  Vehicles will be parked according to vehicle size in order to provide the best viewing experience for all guests.  

  • Vehicle hatches must be level with the roofline of the vehicle. You are required to tie down the hatch if it exceeds roof height.

  • All interior and exterior lights on your car must remain off throughout the move. Please consult your vehicle’s manual if you are unable to turn off your car lights. You must cover your vehicle lights if you are unable to turn them off.

  • Car idling should be limited. Loud engines or exhaust systems must remain off at all times. If you have battery problems, please let us know. You may not jump start cars during any movie showing.

  • For safety reasons and as a courtesy to fellow guests, please do NOT sit on your vehicle’s hood or roof. This is prohibited in The Drive.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the venue.

  • Adults are required to supervise children at all times

  • No fires or open flames

  • Patrons who exhibit a hostile attitude and/or are visibly intoxicated may be refused admittance to events or asked to leave and banned from future events.

  • Absolutely no audio or video recording of any movie or screen content. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material is punishable by law.

  • Beer/Wine will be served under the City/Fairgrounds Alcohol permit

  • Beer/Wine is limited to a maximum of 2 beverages per person over the age of 21.

  • Purchased Beer/Wine containers must be thrown away prior to leaving facility in vehicle


Is this drive-in safe?

The Drive was created with health and safety concerns in mind. We will meet and exceed local

and state guidelines for COVID mitigation and prevention. At The Drive, we see ourselves as

part of the health and safety solution to today’s challenges, not part of the problem. We keep

health and safety at the top of mind with everything that we do!

How do I buy tickets?

At this time, all tickets must be purchased via Ticketmaster. At this time, the box office is not open to the public. 

How do I hear the movie?

You will listen to the movie on your vehicle’s FM radio or any FM radio device. You will receive

the FM station when you arrive onsite. We have radios for sale if you need one!

Do you sell food and beverages?

YES! We have Carolina Thunderbirds Concessions vendors. Beer and wine are sold. You can order

concessions on The Drive mobile app and these items will be delivered to your car!

There are two screens at The Drive. Can I see both movies on the same night?

Once onsite, you can’t move from your space or to another screen lot. You’ll need to come

back the following night to see the other movie!

Can I leave my parking space once I am parked?

You only need to leave your parking space to use the restrooms, which are near each row of

cars. Due to health and safety guidelines, you are not allowed to walk around the drive in. You

must remain at your vehicle’s parking place unless you go to the restroom. Concessions will be

delivered to vehicles. No gatherings or meeting locations will be allowed outside parking spots.

What should I bring to The Drive?

Lawn chairs, blankets, FM radio, bugspray, flashlight for trips to the portable toilets, your

mobile device to order concessions…. Anything you need to be comfortable.


PATRONS VOLUNTARILY WAIVE CLAIMS, RELEASE THE DRIVE AND ASSUME ALL RISKS, HAZARDS AND DANGERS arising from or relating in any way to an event, including without limitation risks of contracting a communicable disease or illness (including exposure to COVID-19, a bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness), whether occurring before, during, or after an event, however caused or contracted, and hereby waives all claims and potential claims against Focus Event Group, LLC, its members, managers, representatives, contractors, successors and assigns (dba The Drive at Winston-Salem Fairgrounds) (hereinafter, “The “Drive”) and the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds and City of Winston-Salem, NC, and release The Drive relating to such risks. By attending The Drive event and/or utilizing the services, patrons agree to these terms and to accept and assume all risks and dangers, whether known or unknown, foreseeable or not foreseeable. 


By purchasing tickets and/or attending an event, patrons further agree to follow and comply with laws, rules and/or regulations of the federal, state and local governments, as well as an event venue, as such may be applicable, adopted, modified or amended by The Drive, including but not limited to relating to  “social distancing”, health and safety or security.  The Drive reserves the right to enforce relevant laws and/or require any patron to leave for any reason, including without limitation, failure to follow event, venue, state or local government law, rule and/or regulation, or for interfering with other patrons attendance, use of services, and/or compliance with rules.  Patrons waive and release The Drive from all claims relating to compliance with rules, attendance, use of services, removal or otherwise.